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3D Printing

Our printers:

Makerbot Replicator (5th Gen)

Larger build plate, more colors

Makerbot Sketch

Quieter printer, faster printer

Recommended Apps/Websites:

Create 3D designs. Website & iPad app.

Download 3D files to be printed. Website.

Online software to load print files then print them!

Helpful 3D Printing Guides & Fun Lessons:

Sketch How-to's

This series of videos should help you get started using the SKETCH.

MakerBot Educators GuideBook_Lite.pdf

This guidebook covers how 3D printers work, how to do 3D design, includes nine lessons to get you started, and even next steps if you complete those activities.

Use this IMEP created lesson to learn about the free 3D design program, Tinkercad.

Use this IMEP created lesson to 3D print cars to get kids printing, racing, and having fun! (You may need some materials from your region so be sure to give them time to get those to you if you plan on using this lesson.)

3D printing Troubleshooting

If something doesn't work properly with the 3D printer, you can attempt to fix it using the Troubleshooting Page from Makerbot or you can reach out to your regional tech liaison to get support.


Our Drones:

The "big drones" in our program. Click the picture for further info and help using this tool.

We have two versions of mini drones in circulation. The Ryze Tello Edu (pictured above) and the Parrot Mambo. Click the picture above for more info and help using this tool.

Recommended Apps:

The apps needed for the drones are unique to the drone that is being flown. Click the drone picture above to see the apps specific to each drone.


The IMEP eSports Guidebook is being created to help coaches with getting started in our eSports clubs. Use it to learn more about the games being played as well as resources you can use to run your club this summer!

IMEP eSports


Our GoPro version:

GoPro Hero 8 Black

A small, action camera that allows you to get pictures and videos you can't with other devices.


Battery Info:

This changes based on what you're doing with the camera. The graph to the right considers continuous shooting. Recording in short bursts could help the battery to last longer. It's always a good idea to bring extra charged batteries with you if you are taking it on a field trip to document their trip.


Plugged into a wall outlet: ~2 hours to fully charge (from 0%)
Plugged into a computer USB port: ~ up to 4 hours to fully charge (from 0%)


We have head straps, hand straps, tripods, and much more to attach the cameras to for getting the perspective you or the students hope to capture to tell your stories!

Recommended Apps:

Quik by GoPro

GoPro's one stop shop for your camera. This app can be used to control your camera remotely, preview your content, and even edit your content. 


Apple's movie editing software. Create professional looking movies quickly and easily.

Helpful Guides:

GoPro Hero 8 Black Beginners Guide & Tutorial

This is a lengthy video (30 minutes) but it does a great job of introducing you to our GoPro camera. I highly recommend watching this if you have any questions about the basics of the GoPro camera.

Video Quick Links:

What's in your kit? - 1:57-5:36
Mounts - 5:37-6:50
Charging - 6:51-10:09
Pairing to App - 10:09-13:58
Modes - 13:59-15:02
Display screen buttons - 15:02-18:25
Photo mode - 18:25-19:15
Video mode - 19:18-21:04
Capturing Content - 21:05-22:26
Advanced Settings - 22:26-25:05
Previewing Content - 25:05-25:42

Green Screen

Recommended Apps:

Apple's movie editing software. Create professional looking movies quickly and easily. This is also a great way to utilize green screen technology for beginners. (Click the logo to access Apple's tutorial on iMovie for iPad)

A robust green screen app that allows you to use green screen technology to create videos and photos. (Click the title above to access tutorials for this app)


LittleBits Classroom

Lessons, Unit Plans (though I doubt you get to these), and even Invention ideas can be found here.

These are lesson plans specific to the set of bits that you have access to.

This is the PDF version of the book that is found inside each of the STEAM+ kits. It is a fantastic way to introduce you and your students to the Bits and how they work. 

This document can be helpful for planning out lessons. Start on page 42.


Use this web-based app to program the CodeBit. I need to do more exploration with this Bit myself, but help can be found here if you need it ASAP. You will need to connect the CodeBit to a computer.


Sphero RVR

These robots are the flagship robot of our robotics clubs in the IMEP. These highly customizable robots utilize a variety of sensors and is expandable to accommodate programmers with little to no coding experience to more advanced "veterans" of coding. Coming in 2023, Microbit boards!

Sphero BOLTs

These robots are the latest and greatest version of the robot that has been a part of our STEAM programming since 2015. Students will be able to learn coding, problem solving, and computational thinking as well as express their creativity while programming an LED matrix.

*NEW* Sphero Indi

New in 2023 will be the Sphero Indi robot. Named one of Time's Best Inventions, the Indi will be used as our entry-level learning robot for our students ages 4+. These young learners will now get the opportunity to learn the basics of coding, problem solving, and computational thinking!

Sphero RVR

Robotics Club

This summer we will be continuing our Robotics clubs. We will also be holding our annual IMEP robotics competition to be held at the IMEP Student STEM Summit in July. We will be using this guide to prepare our teams for the competition at Ball State. Rather than upload videos of the challenges, they will come to BSU to do the challenges. Click the graphic to the left to access the Coaches Guide. 

Want to use the RVR without Check out lessons for the Sphero RVR and LittleBits topper kits here.

RVR Topper help and lessons here.

RVR Animal Imitation lesson

Sphero BOLTs

Battery expectancy: About 2 hours

Recharge time: About 3 hours via inductive charging (nothing plugs into the sphero) & a micro-USB plugged into the charging puck.

Recommended Apps


Drive or code a program to automate your Sphero's movements and actions.

Sphero Play

Drive your Sphero in fun new ways. You should definitely take some time to check out this app with the kids!

Helpful Guides & Lessons

Be sure to check out the info specifically targeted towards educators.

Search from hundreds of activities made by Sphero and the user community. Head here for a great starter activity.

This is a great activity for using the BOLT to make some LED animations!

Once you've covered some of the basics, check these activities to learn more about some of the advanced sensors contained inside our little robots!

Having fun coding these?

Add Swift Playgrounds to the iPads and continue your coding adventure with the Spheros in another app!

Learn more about Sphero the robots and the Sphero EDU app. 

Activity Cards

Golf & City Activity Mat Cards.pdf

Golf & City Mat Cards

Use these challenges with your students on the Golf & Sphero City Activity Mats (ask your region about this if you don't have it).

Space & Soccer Activity Mat Cards.pdf

Soccer & Space Mat Cards

Use these challenges with your students on the Soccer & Space Activity Mats (ask your region about getting this if you don't have it).

Sphero Indi

Battery expectancy: With normal classroom use, it should last an entire 7-hour school day. If the motor runs continuously, it will last about 2 hours.

Recharge time: If completely dead, the battery will take about two hours to charge.

Recommended Apps


This robot is meant to be programmed using the color tiles and not need an app! It makes it very approachable for our youngest learners to code.

Sphero Play

Drive your Sphero in fun new ways. You should definitely take some time to check out this app with the kids!

Indi Educator Guide.pdf

Educator Guide Book

Use this guide book to introduce yourself (and your students) to the new Sphero Indi robot.


Battery expectancy: About 2 hours of heavy use.

Recharge time: about 1 hour via micro USB cable.

Recommended Apps

Specdrums MIX

Turn colors into sounds using beats, loops, sounds effects, and instruments to create your own music. Use these songs as backgrounds to your video projects!

Specdrums EDU

Customize your Specdrum rings by recording custom sounds. This app turns the Specdrums into a tool that can be used in just about any subject.

Activity Cards

Art Beat.pdf
At First Sight.pdf
C Major Players.pdf
Good Times Table.pdf
Mystery Melody.pdf
Pop Science.pdf
Story Soundtrack.pdf