The Indiana Migrant Education Program's Preschool activities were built to help provide teachers with options to teach foundational social and academic skills. Our goal is to make sure our students are ready to attend Kindergarten and help empower their parents to be an important part of their child's foundational education.


Indiana MEP developed STEM Lessons

The Indiana Migrant Education Program's STEM curriculum was built to engage students. We're working hard to create a learning experience that gives our students hands-on opportunities with technology in order to build academic, technological, and 21st century skills. Access our IMEP STEM website by clicking the picture below or by visiting

STEM Roadmap Project Lessons, developed by Purdue University

Kindergarten Lesson - Our Changing Environment

First Grade Lesson - Habitats

Third Grade Lesson - Recreational STEM

Sixth Grade Lesson - Communication Packaging

Sixth Grade Lesson - Amusement of the Future