Mini drones

Drone specs:

Battery life: ~ 13 minutes.

Charge time: ~ 1 hr

IDs: The drones are labelled with an ID. The drone creates its own wifi network. You must connect the iPad to that network using the ID. (For example, the drone in the picture above has the ID "627E89". On the iPad, under Wifi settings, I would see a wifi network called "TELLO-627E89" and would connect to that in order to control the drone.)

Note: These drones are mainly meant for indoor flight. Even the slightest breeze will affect the flight of these drones as well as significantly drain the battery.



Fly the drone using a digital controller. Also allows you to see the camera while flying.

Tello EDU

Learn how to code the Tello drone to fly autonomously.


Another mini drone coding app.

Helpful Guides & Fun Lessons:

Tello Mission Pad User Guide.pdf

Mission pads are used when programming your drones. This guide might help you use them when programming drones with the students.

I love this free lesson from DroneBlocks that uses the Tello mini drone, coding, and teamwork to win!